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& Construction

Our team is a multidisciplinary force with years of experience in structural types, materials, meeting design challenges and solving engineering problems. We ensure that quality and safety are managed

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Plant Equipment &
Transport Services

We have a comprehensive stock of advanced machinery and vehicles to guarantee that we have the necessary resources to work on projects of all sizes and specifications. We are committed to using

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Managing camps of workers in remote locations with people from diverse cultures needs special understanding issues that can disrupt peaceful camp life. We have the experience, operational and leadership skills

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Building the Future

We provide a full range of services and supplies related to
construction disciplines and have continuously met the challenging
demands of diverse projects that cover all areas of the construction
industry value chain in the following fields:

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Head Office | Abu Dhabi

Head Office | Abu Dhabi Liwa Street, Corniche Road
Old ADNIF Bldg, Suite No. 801
Tel. +971 2 643 0953 | Fax. +971 2 643 095

Operations Office | Habshan

P.O. Box 50433, Buhassa Road OQC Facility, madenet Zayed, UAE
Tel. +971 2 884 2111 | Fax. +971 2 884 2114

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